Marcos gave a really heart-felt exploration of a client which was the theme all the way through the presentation, which gave it depth of feeling and a unique way of thinking about how we can work with our clients through a lens of empathy and connectivity

Marcos has a very unique delivery style, which is engaging, and using one client’s case study  with permission  gave the story a really strong and, dare I say, an emotional thread. Marcos delivered his style of therapy. Which was abstract in construction, with a clear  gratitude coming from the perspective of shamanic philosophy, which gave a more in-depth insight on how to work with chronic illness.

His approach does not necessarily focus on the illness, but nor does it forget it. It incorporates the childhood elements of trauma, to give meaning to the somatic energy that inhabits the body with a trauma- based background.  He shared a wonderful metaphor (of a  turtle ) which the client has for herself – keeping the client hidden and safe when needed and also with the longing to reach the sea; wanting to  explore the world as an ‘I’ ,finding herself and searching expectantly  for self fulfilment.  The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly  positive, from how it was delivered to asking for more time on this subject with Marcos, sharing his holistic presentational style.

Many thanks Marcos

Written by Lottie Passell-Syms

 I also liked the metaphor of the turtle that Marcos’ client brought to the counselling room, and it made me wonder what ‘reaching the sea’ (the turtle’s ambition) might mean for the client.  What does the sea represent for the client?  Freedom?  Emotion? Transcendence?  I wonder if art work would be a useful way of helping the client to look at this.

I admired Marcos’ courage in spending a whole session on a case study. That was a first in my memory for HACP in an evening talk! In my view it worked well.

I also appreciated Marcos’ use of the word ‘tapestry’ to talk about the client’s life and history and connections.  It felt respectful and beautiful to talk of a life in this way, and took me back to the words of a verse of Carole King’s song, ‘Tapestry’ of 50 years ago!

‘My life has been a tapestry
Of rich and royal hue
An everlasting vision
Of the ever-changing view
A wond’rous woven magic
In bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see
Impossible to hold’

 Thank you Marcos.  You provided us with an evocative evening.

David Brown