This was a very interesting and informative talk, presented to an audience which included experienced, mature therapists and those new to private practice. The talk was livestreamed via Zoom, which was appreciated by those unable to travel to Chandler’s Ford.

Linda suggested that counsellors tend to focus on the tactics of marketing, rather than on the psychology of marketing and on a business model. She discussed reflecting on why we want more clients and exactly who those clients might be, so we know where to find them. Linda suggested using AI (such as chatgpt) to help profile and identify our target clients and establish our own business branding, paying attention to the psychology of colour in our advertising and to the photograph we use, to ensure this projects the right message to potential clients. Linda tackled the topic of pricing, acknowledging that this can be challenging for counsellors and therapists, but pricing too low will tell potential clients you lack quality and too expensive, could affect affordability for many potential clients.

The feedback from attendees was very positive and following several requests, it is looking likely that we will invite Linda to come back to us again, to present a talk on using social media to market our practices.

Julie May