Sandra led us through an inspirational day of exploration in how to be within the movement of our bodies, allowing them to lead us in whatever way felt beneficial to wellbeing. Her wise guidance, underpinned by a completely natural mindful approach, empowered the group to work inclusively and easily together – we were in the natural flow of her empathic energy.

The demonstrations brought were well paced, allowing time for reflection and guidance in new ways of thinking about being with ourselves and each other in a gentle free movement, non-judgemental way. The message was just to be within our bodies and to follow the natural flow of their movement – don’t fight it to try to over-manage it. Gradually, over the course of the time, we all became much freer in our bodies and in our expression of feelings, thoughts and needs. Our movements, even for those of us unused to this way of being, became a little more fluid, free and intuitive which was such a good feeling. Sandra’s demonstrations flowed so easily they seemed dance like – each a story in silent movement.

We spent time in the main room in North Baddesley Village Hall which allowed for the sharing of information about the processes and background to this work. Luckily, the weather was kind to us, so we also had some considerable time outside in nature – a good deal of tree hugging was enjoyed as well as just being there en vert. There was clearly a reluctance to return inside at the end of this nurturing interlude – we all just wanted to stay outside in the grounds.

Sandra is clearly a master of her craft and profession, some-one who brings the whole of herself to any task she has in mind. She was so easy to be with and openly shared her knowledge and experience. The feedback received was excellent, and Sandra said how much she had enjoyed the day too, particularly the level of care she had experienced from HACP, which was lovely to hear.

Thank you, Sandra, for such an inspirational and much enjoyed day.

Reviewed by Jacqueline Holloway.