It’s usually a good sign when the evening talk is ‘packed out’.  We weren’t disappointed.  Marcos commenced the evening by telling us a little about his family and lead on to sharing a very powerful experience of his own when he first explored the world of Family Constellations.


There are many ways that people interpret and use Family Constellations – the method that Marcos was taught and uses is based on movement and allowing absorption of the feeling of the person you are representing.  Think of it as a silent role play as it were: you’re given a role, and sometimes you won’t know who or what that role is (the role can be an inanimate thing/feeling).


Having been to quite a few HACP talks/presentations/day trainings – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a room of counsellors quite so surprised at the happenings and the results of literally minutes work during the experiments Marcos facilitated.  Put into groups of 2 or 3, we worked with each other, sometimes leading, sometimes being led…. Once ‘positioned’ to what felt right by the lead person, we were invited to just be in that position, silently, but free to move in whatever way felt appropriate. Basically our ‘task’ was to tune into the person/object we represented…and my sense is the ‘gasps’ at the catch up/reflection at the end of each process meant quite a few people ‘tuned in’ just beautifully.  In the roles I participated in, it felt very powerful and very easy to access the feelings behind what was going on in the dynamic between partners – what was needed by each person and what was not needed – which felt equally as powerful – I felt amazing clarity in both exercises I did.


I find it tricky to summarise this on paper but perhaps to say we got out of heads and truly into our bodies – an amazing experience.  Thank you, Marcos.


Before looking at the feedback forms, we instinctively knew day training would be enquired about.  For now, it seems it will happen in 2019 as 2018’s day trainings have already been arranged.  We’ll keep you posted in due course.


Sinead Mitchell