Emma, and the peaceful ambience of Park Place Centre, co-created a
seemingly rare opportunity to step back, breathe out, relax and connect with
space within the natural world through the feeling of the earth beneath our
feet and the trees, flowers and birdsong around us. We re-connected with
valued colleagues and welcomed new ones into our lives. It was a such a
grounding and emotive experience. This way of being needs to be
remembered and revisited regularly so that it becomes a central part of our
every-day living.

Whilst walking in the grounds in front of Park Place Emma guided us through
an exercise in the reawakening of our senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell,
taste including the inner sensing of our bodies through the physical
movements she encouraged us to gently experiment with and to expand.
This process certainly helped us to just be in the moment, aware of what was
going on within us and in the world around us and so enhancing the
experience of being grounded, safe and connected. It is a gift we can share
with clients and supervisees by inviting them to take a moment to breathe
out more fully and to find a way to be in touch with their senses and sensing
so they may also experience groundedness, connectivity and peace. A
beautiful restorative day of self-care and self-awareness. The venue was just
perfect, and the Sisters looked after us well. Thank you to Emma and Justin
for offering such a deeply well-being enhancing day and to Sister Evelyn and
the Sisters of Park Place for providing us with a welcoming, nourishing

Jacqueline Holloway.